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Unnatural History Wiki is the Wiki for the new TV series on Cartoon Network. It aired for the first time June 13, 2010.On November 19th it was canceled. Mike Werb, on December 29, on Deadline.com, wrote that what his plans would have been if another network picked it for season two of Unnatural History.

What is Unnatural History?[]

Unnatural History is about when Henry Griffin is sent to live in Washington D.C with his cousin Jasper and his uncle after his parents decide that he needed to settle down and live a normal life as a normal teenager. After he makes friends with Maggie they work together in solving the mysteries of America and stop bad guys from their evil Schemes. With Henry's amazing skills, Jasper's quick thinking and modern knowledge, and Maggie's brains, they become like the 3 muskateers. Each episode contains a different mystery filled with adventure, facts, friendship and future relationships that will be a series to remember in the cartoon network history books. The Producers say each episode is a whole movie packed into a 1-hour episode for their audience to enjoy.

Characters and Cast[]

Main characters[]

  • Henry Griffin (Kevin G. Schmidt) is a globe-trotting teenager who must adjust to life as regular high school student. With his knowledge of different cultures, he uses his skills to solve different crimes and mysteries of ancient history.
  • Jasper Bartlett (Jordan Gavaris) is Henry's cousin and best friend during his stay in Washington, D.C. Unlike Henry, he does not like getting into trouble and prefers staying out of Henry's shenanigans but always gets involved anyways. He is very much into his schoolwork and dreams of attending Yale University. It is hinted that he might like Maggie, He has known her since he was ten.
  • Margaret 'Maggie' Winnock (Italia Ricci) is friends with Henry and Jasper. Like Jasper, she is a very dedicated student. She does not have much of a sense of humor and when she is not in school she works part-time at the school's National Museum Complex. She is a vegetarian and has photographic memory. It is hinted she might like Henry because he always protects her and she tells everything to

    Maggie, Henry, and Jasper

    him first.
  • Bryan Bartlett (Martin Donovan) is Henry's uncle and Jasper's dad. He is the dean of Smithson high school. He is always caught off guard by Henry's knowledge and troublesome ways. But always welcomes it especially if it is done in good faith to better certain situations.

Recurring characters[]

  • Hunter O'Herlihy (Wesley Morgan)
  • Jessica Griffin (Jack Hourigan)
  • Dante Morneau (Colin Fox)
  • Micheal O'Malley (Robbie Amell)


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